About Us

IAG Behavioral Health Center

Individual Advocacy Group (IAG) is the larger nonprofit parent organization of the IAG Behavioral Health Center. IAG is dedicated to empowering adults with different abilities to lead meaningful lives. IAG provides community and residential support programs for individuals with a primary intellectual disability and a secondary behavioral health need. In an effort to expand the services available to this specialized population, IAG has established the IAG Behavioral Health Center to help focus on the mental wellness of our clients.

IAG recognized the need for behavioral health services in our community as a whole and has opened our services to anyone in need. While our therapists have a specialization in working with adults with intellectual disabilities, they are also well trained on various mental health needs of children and adults in the community. Conveniently located at 30 Phelps Avenue in Romeoville, IAG’s Behavioral Health Center offers affordable and accessible mental healthcare and treatment planning for individuals, families, and groups.